Market entry in Asia

“Asia-appropriate” appearance – calling card for your market entry in Asia

Do you have management responsibility in a Swiss or German company? Is your goal to enter the fast growing consumer market in Asia? We recommend ourselves as your translation office with locations in Switzerland and Asia. Our team of professional translators are familiar with the linguistic conventions in the Asian markets. Our speciality: “Asia-appropriate” translations for your company, your services and products.

Creating the conditions for market entry

The populous consumer markets in Asia are characterised by outstanding, dynamic growth. With increasing prosperity, interest in goods from our culture is growing. The “western” is enjoying an increasingly high status in the Far East. Consequently, attractive market opportunities are opening up for high quality products from European countries such as Switzerland and Germany. Perhaps you see new market opportunities for your company on the booming Asian markets? Then it is essential to create the conditions for a market presence which promises success. The marketing tools for entry into the market include a deep knowledge of the cultural particularities, the lifestyle and, above all, the language of each of the Asian target countries. As a cost-aware manager, it is your aim to achieve the optimum value for every Euro or Swiss Franc invested in marketing. At this point, we would like to recommend ourselves as your potential strategic partner. We are familiar with the languages in the Asian target markets – whether in China, Japan, Korea or other cultural regions.

Presenting companies and products in an understandable way

In our role as a Swiss translation company with a focus on Asian languages, we create a solid basis for your presence in Asia. To this end, we endeavour to ensure that our employees are as highly qualified as possible. Our international team of linguists, mother tongue Asians with university degrees, copywriters and PR specialists stands for sophisticated translations into Asian languages. Alongside linguistic subtleties, we also particularly take the cultural and economic aspects of the target country into account. The results are technical, economic, legal and cultural translations which are designed for the particular cultural environment in the target country.

Professional translations as a “door opener”

You can only reach customers in the Asian target markets, with their rich cultural traditions, in the local language. It is therefore absolutely necessary to take the culturally shaped mindset and specific market conditions into account in marketing. Our translation office always bases its work on your source texts but also takes the individual market conditions into account for the translation. Because “word-for-word” translations are often incomprehensible to the appropriate consumer target groups and thus negatively impact on your marketing goals. Our translation office’s know-how makes the difference. Thanks to well-founded linguistic and translation knowledge, paired with information about your company, your company philosophy and the unique selling points of your products, the result is meaningful marketing tools: product catalogues, newsletters, reports, company and sales brochures, standard company letters and internet-optimised websites, apps and Google Adwords marketing campaigns and much more.

Look before you leap . . .

Collaborative partnership is a prerequisite for the successful development of “Asia-appropriate” translations. Thorough cultivation of the market in the target language for your Asian future markets is a time and cost-intensive endeavour. Our translation professionals bridge the gap between Europe and the Asian buyer countries. We are happy to lay the foundations in a consultative discussion for a beneficial, close collaboration in the field of “Asia-appropriate” translations for your company, your products and services. As a Swiss translation company, we feel it is our duty, by tradition, to provide the proverbial Swiss quality in the true sense of the word.