Technical translations: for your excellent entry into Asia

Global economic and technical cooperation is growing. As a result of the increasing interconnectedness of markets and societies and the ever increasing liberalisation of global trade, countless technical products are now exported to a multitude of countries. Alongside many other regions, Asia has predominantly become the focus of many European companies.

The success of companies operating internationally is thus determined to a significant extent by the quality of the translation of their product information. As a result, documentation, user handbooks, instructions for use and much more is needed in the language of the respective recipient countries – correctly reproduced, free from mistakes and easy to read.

For the best impression and the greatest possible customer satisfaction

You can only remain successful in international business with professional translations of your technical documentation which are relevant to the target groups. One of the most important conditions for economic success is thus the best possible communication, which is very often seen in Asia, above all, as an indicator of your performance.

Whether for entertainment electronics products, in the field of vehicle accessories or for many other technical devices for end users – an easy to understand operating, assembly or installation manual in the appropriate local language is indispensable. With clear formulations which manage with no rough edges and are precisely adapted for the regional particularities of the target country, you leave a positive impression and a high degree of satisfaction.

And it’s not only large groups of companies or trading companies with transnational business fields which require translations. Small and medium-sized companies are increasingly selling their products on the international market and, as a result, also need to supply user handbooks, product information or instruction sheets in the languages of the target countries.

Success through the best quality

Unfortunately, in recent years ever increasing numbers of technical translations are on offer which leave much to be desired in terms of quality. Superficial and apparently produced in a great hurry, operating manuals, repair or maintenance instructions are created in a form which leads to head-shaking by local consumers in the destination country at best, and often leads to disappointment and annoyance. The effect of this sloppy translation work ultimately affects customer satisfaction and thus also impacts on the reputation and status of an exporting company. While this sort of thoughtlessness is perhaps tolerated in our countries, in the Asian regions above all it quickly casts doubt on the capabilities and reliability of a company and its products. In this respect, supposedly cheaply bought translations quickly lead to a decline in sales and, as a result, cost a lot of money. Thus, when commissioning technical translations, the greatest value should always be placed on quality of language and expertise. This is the only way for customers to experience the greatest possible satisfactions and for the products delivered to get the attention they deserve.

Specialist terminology and linguistic particularities

Alongside the best possible understanding of the features and particularities associated with each product, appropriate technical translations in Asian languages also involve knowledge of the current cultural particularities in the corresponding country. This is the only way to avoid misunderstanding and steer clear of potentially embarrassing situations resulting from terms with multiple meanings. In addition, it is essential to adapt the language to the appropriate target audience and not least to check the use of figures of speech and optimise them where necessary. Because we are aware of this, care is taken over linguistic and interpretive accuracy and consistency of the specialist terminology in every technical translation we produce.

One particularity of the Asian languages which cannot be ignored is their characters which sometimes require special character sets in the translation, layout and printing process. You can rely on our first-class service and outstanding technical know-how here as well. You always receive your desired texts presented correctly and clearly legibly.

No matter, therefore, whether you operate in the industrial, retail or services sector – with our technical translations you get the highest quality. For your excellent entry into the Asian region.