Asia – knowledgeable translations for a booming continent

The previously unknown region in the east has today become a booming market. Investors from around the world, from all sectors and branches of industry are active in the biggest economic centres such as Beijing, Shanghai and the former British colony of Hong Kong. But the motto is growth through technological progress in unknown regions too. It is not just foreign investors who are the drivers for the growth. A strong domestic industry is emerging on the international markets and, in many fields, has developed into serious competition for established western industries and companies. This development also has the consequence that “Chinese”, once a language for Sinologists and exotic aesthetes, is today an internationally recognised and significant common and business language.

What goes for China also goes for a whole range of other Asian countries. All of these so-called tiger economies, from Taiwan to South Korea and the Indian sub-continent, are today exporters in high technology and cars, in textiles, agricultural products and the entertainment industry. They are all important markets for many European and American companies and investors. All of these countries are not only proud of their growth and their economic success, they also have a high level of cultural self-awareness. The appropriate language skills are therefore naturally particularly important for visitors and business partners.

As a result, support from professional translators plays a crucial role on the Asian market. The Asian languages are difficult to learn and master orally and in writing, and even the most perfect English cannot bridge this gap as an international trade and business language. Our translation office offers you a comprehensive service for translations into all the major Asian languages. Do you need a translation into your native language, from Korean into French, for example? We are happy to support you from making contact through to completion of the project. The translation should also be available transnationally for an international group of companies. So we are naturally happy to provide you with a parallel English version.

Conferences, international meetings and negotiations? Our professionals are there for you in these cases too. We prepare professional contracts, websites or presentations in the languages of the Asian countries which you are active in. We are familiar not just with the language of the respective countries, but also with their cultures and their “sensitivities”. Countries such as Japan and China, as well as the emerging world power of India, are today successful economic powers which can look back on a long history and cultural tradition. They expect their international partners to know these traditions, respect them and take them into account in their business and representative appearance. This means: even in business relationships, linguistic and cultural skills are an absolute “must”. And what goes for the big countries applies almost to a greater extent for the small countries.

You can count on us to provide all of the qualifications for these diverse and exciting Asian markets: the highest level of linguistic competence, cultural flair and knowledge of the market and social situations. Added bonus: of course we can provide official, internationally and nationally recognised certified translations for legal documents and contracts. We look forward to a successful collaboration!